As a jazz drummer, who are some of your favorite brush players?

9109 as a jazz drummer who are some of your favorite brush players

As a jazz drummer, identifying favorite brush players is a challenging task. Several factors come into play, including personal preference, the player’s technique, and the context in which the music is played. That said, some brush players stand out due to their innovative and unique styles. In this article, we’ll discuss some of these players.

  1. Jo Jones: Jo Jones is one of the most influential brush players in jazz history. He played with Count Basie’s Orchestra in the 1930s and 1940s and was known for his mastery of the brush. Jones was a pioneer in using the brush as a rhythmic and melodic instrument, creating a distinct sound that inspired many drummers.

Source: “Jo Jones: The Drummer Who Invented Jazz‘s Basic Beat,” NPR.

  1. Ed Thigpen: Ed Thigpen was a renowned drummer who played with the Oscar Peterson Trio. He was known for his innovative use of brushes, which he used to create complex polyrhythms and intricate textures. Thigpen’s approach to playing the brushes was heavily influenced by his classical training, and he brought a unique touch to the instrument.

Source: “Ed Thigpen: A Drummer’s Drummer,” JazzTimes.

  1. Paul Motian: Paul Motian was a jazz drummer who played with some of the most significant figures in jazz history, including Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett. He was known for his subtle and nuanced approach to playing the drums, which extended to his use of brushes. Motian’s brushwork was characterized by his delicate touch and attention to detail, creating a soft, ethereal sound.

Source: “Paul Motian: The Drummer Who Made Silence His Weapon,” The Guardian.

  1. Jeff Hamilton: Jeff Hamilton is a contemporary jazz drummer known for his skillful use of brushes. Hamilton’s playing is characterized by his strong sense of swing and his ability to create complex rhythms and textures with the brushes. He has played with several jazz legends, including Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Brown.

Source: “Jeff Hamilton: The Brush Master,” Modern Drummer.

  1. Lewis Nash: Lewis Nash is a versatile drummer known for his ability to play in a wide range of styles, including jazz, funk, and R&B. He is also a skilled brush player, known for his ability to create a variety of textures and sounds with the brushes. Nash has played with several jazz greats, including Wynton Marsalis and Branford Marsalis.

Source: “Lewis Nash: The Master Drummer,” JazzTimes.

In conclusion, identifying favorite brush players is subjective and depends on personal preference. However, Jo Jones, Ed Thigpen, Paul Motian, Jeff Hamilton, and Lewis Nash are all notable brush players who have made significant contributions to jazz drumming. Their innovative and unique styles have inspired many drummers and have helped shape the sound of jazz music.