7 Easy Steps To Crop a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful <a href="https://blog.jambox.io/what-is-post-production-video-editing”>video editing tool that lets you edit, trim, and combine video clips, still images, audio files, and title text. It can be used to edit videos of any length and there are many different ways to trim your video. You can also add special effects to your video and create custom transitions between scenes. The program comes with various built-in effects to add title and text to your video.

Crop a video in Adobe Premiere Pro by following these seven easy steps.

Adobe Premiere Pro Crop A Video

7 Easy Steps To Crop a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Here are 7 easy steps to crop a video in Adobe Premiere Pro:

1. Create a New Project

If you’re new to Adobe Premiere Pro, click File > New Project. If you’re a seasoned editor, select the default project settings or customize them to meet your needs.

2. Import the Video

Importing video is easy in Adobe Premiere Pro. Click File > Import > Media and select the file you want to edit. You can also drag and drop files into the project window or use the Open Recent command to access previously imported media.

Once your project is created, click on File > Import Media… and select the video file that you want to import into Adobe Premiere Pro. Click Open when prompted and wait for the file to import into your project window. The Import Media dialog box will automatically close after importing all of your media files successfully into your project window.

3. Add the Video to the Timeline

Click on the track you want to add it to, and then click and drag it into an open space in that track. When you drag the clip into an empty spot, you’ll see a green line appear around that area as well as a small blue box. This is called a “drop zone,” and it lets you know where you can drop clips onto your timeline. When you drag a clip over this area, it will automatically drop into that space when you release your mouse button.

You can also move clips from one track to another by dragging them over the drop zone between tracks. If you want to move multiple clips at once, select them all before dragging them away from their original locations.

4. Select the Video from the Timeline

First off, you’ll need to select your video clip from within your Project panel. You can do this by clicking on it or by pressing ‘V’ on your keyboard. If you’re not sure what video clip you want to use, just press ‘Ctrl + B‘ on Windows or ‘Command + B‘ on Mac OS X to open up an auto selection tool which will highlight all of the clips in your project.

5. Add the Crop Effect

The first thing you’ll need to do is add the Crop effect from the Effects panel. To do this, select your clip in the Timeline panel and then click on the Effects button at the bottom of your screen:

Then, from the list that appears, select Crop:

Once you’ve selected Crop, it will appear as an option in your effects stack on the right side of your screen.

6. Adjust the Crop Settings

The video frame can be cropped manually by dragging handles on the edge of the preview window, but this isn’t always ideal when cropping multiple clips at once especially if they have different aspect ratios (width-to-height ratios). To ensure consistent cropping across all of your clips, create a custom crop preset instead. To do so:

Click Tools > Crop Presets > Add New Preset; name your preset; then click OK to save it.

7. Reposition the Video

To reposition your video, simply drag either corner of the box until you’re satisfied with how things look. Once you’ve finished making adjustments, click OK to apply them to your project file.

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