Did Jimi Hendrix like any jazz guitarists?

9175 did jimi hendrix like any jazz guitarists

Jimi Hendrix, the legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter, was known for his innovative approach to the electric guitar and his influence on the development of blues and rock music. When it comes to his musical influences and preferences, it is widely known that Hendrix was heavily influenced by blues musicians, including B.B. King and Muddy Waters. However, it is also reported that he had an appreciation for jazz guitarists and their music.

According to various sources, Hendrix was known to have listened to and been influenced by jazz guitarists such as Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery. Reinhardt was a Belgian-born guitarist who is considered one of the greatest jazz guitarists of all time, and his playing style is said to have inspired Hendrix’s own innovative approach to the guitar. Montgomery, on the other hand, was an American guitarist known for his virtuosic fingerpicking style and was a major influence on Hendrix’s own finger-picking technique.

In an interview with Guitar Player magazine, Hendrix was quoted as saying, “Jazz is definitely getting to me. I like John Coltrane and Miles Davis, and I’ve been checking out Wes Montgomery.” This statement provides evidence of Hendrix’s interest in jazz music and jazz guitarists.

Additionally, some of Hendrix’s own music has been described as having a jazz influence, particularly in terms of his use of chord progressions and phrasing. For example, the song “Little Wing” has been described as having a jazz-influenced structure and chord progression, and his use of chord substitutions and unusual chord progressions in songs like “Purple Haze” and “Manic Depression” has been said to reflect a jazz influence.

In conclusion, it can be said that Jimi Hendrix had an appreciation for jazz guitarists and their music, and that jazz musicians such as Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery had a significant impact on his own playing style and musical approach. These influences can be heard in some of Hendrix’s most iconic songs and performances, demonstrating the lasting impact of jazz on his music.