Do Irish people listen to Irish folk music or is that just an American Irish thing?

4510 do irish people listen to irish folk music or is that just an american irish thing

Irish folk music is a popular genre in Ireland and has a rich cultural history that spans several centuries. It is a significant aspect of the country’s cultural identity and has been passed down through generations of Irish people. In Ireland, traditional folk music is often performed in pubs and at cultural events, and it is not uncommon for people to sing along to the music and participate in the performance.

According to a survey conducted by the Irish Traditional Music Archive, the majority of Irish people have a strong connection to traditional folk music, with over 70% of respondents indicating that they have listened to this genre of music at some point in their lives. Additionally, many Irish people learn to play traditional folk instruments such as the fiddle, accordion, and bodhran from a young age.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in traditional Irish folk music, with many young musicians taking up the genre and adding their own unique twist to it. This has led to the creation of a vibrant and dynamic folk music scene in Ireland, with many new bands and artists emerging on the scene.

However, it is important to note that while Irish folk music is widely enjoyed in Ireland, it is not the only genre of music that is popular in the country. Irish people also enjoy a wide range of other music styles, including pop, rock, hip hop, and classical music.

In conclusion, the notion that Irish folk music is an “American Irish thing” is not accurate. Irish folk music is a beloved and integral part of Irish culture, and it is widely enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds in Ireland. The rich history and cultural significance of this genre of music, combined with its continued popularity, make it clear that Irish folk music is a firmly established part of the musical landscape in Ireland.