How did reggae/dub become so synonymous with early punk and post-punk music?

3663 how did reggaedub become so synonymous with early punk and post punk music

Reggae and dub music have been associated with early punk and post-punk music for several reasons. Firstly, both genres share a DIY aesthetic and a DIY approach to production. This is because both punk and reggae were born out of subcultures that were marginalized and excluded from the mainstream music industry.

Secondly, both genres share a common political and social outlook. Reggae music, particularly roots reggae, was often characterized by its protest lyrics and political messages. Punk music, on the other hand, was often associated with anarchism and anti-establishment sentiments.

Thirdly, both genres shared a similar approach to rhythm and bass. Reggae music was characterized by its strong bass lines and syncopated rhythms, while punk and post-punk were known for their fast and frenetic beats. This commonality in rhythm and bass led to the integration of reggae and dub influences in punk and post-punk music.

Fourthly, there was cross-pollination between the two genres through collaborations and remixes. Reggae and dub producers such as Lee “Scratch” Perry and King Tubby worked with punk and post-punk artists such as The Clash and Public Image Ltd. to create hybrid music that combined the DIY ethos and political messages of punk with the rhythmic and bass-heavy sound of reggae and dub.

In conclusion, the relationship between reggae/dub and early punk and post-punk music is characterized by shared DIY aesthetics, political and social outlooks, common approaches to rhythm and bass, and cross-pollination through collaborations and remixes. These factors helped to cement the association between the two genres and solidified their place in music history.

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