How do filmmakers watch dailies these days?

4531 how do filmmakers watch dailies these days

In contemporary filmmaking, the process of reviewing daily footage, commonly referred to as “dailies,” has undergone significant technological advancements. In the past, filmmakers would physically gather to view dailies on a projector. However, with the increasing prevalence of digital media, filmmakers now have access to various tools and platforms that facilitate remote viewing and collaboration.

One popular method for viewing dailies is through a cloud-based platform, such as or Wipster. These platforms allow filmmakers to securely upload and view their daily footage from anywhere with an internet connection. The footage can be annotated and discussed with other members of the production team, facilitating remote collaboration.

Another method for viewing dailies is through a digital dailies system, such as those provided by companies like Colorfront or Assimilate. These systems provide a centralized location for storing and reviewing daily footage, as well as a suite of color grading and editing tools. Digital dailies systems often integrate with popular non-linear editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer.

Additionally, some filmmakers opt to use virtual screening rooms, such as CineSend or Screening Room. These platforms allow for remote viewing of dailies with the added benefit of a private, secure screening environment.

Regardless of the method chosen, it is important for filmmakers to ensure that the dailies review process is efficient and effective. This can be achieved by selecting a platform that meets the specific needs of the production and by establishing clear protocols for reviewing and annotating the daily footage.

It is also worth noting that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote dailies review processes, as traditional in-person screenings have become difficult or impossible. Remote dailies review has proven to be a valuable solution, allowing filmmakers to continue collaborating and producing high-quality content despite physical limitations.

In conclusion, filmmakers today have a range of tools and platforms available for viewing dailies, including cloud-based platforms, digital dailies systems, and virtual screening rooms. The choice of platform will depend on the specific needs of the production, but the adoption of these technologies has allowed for more efficient and effective dailies review processes.