How to become a post production intern for a big studio

4167 how to become a post production intern for a big studio

Becoming a post-production intern for a big studio requires a combination of education, skills, and experience. Here are the steps to follow to increase your chances of landing an internship in post-production:

  1. Obtain an educational background in post-production. Many big studios prefer interns who have a degree in film, video production, or a related field. You may also consider enrolling in courses or workshops that focus on post-production, such as editing, visual effects, and sound design.

  2. Gain experience in post-production. Start by working on personal projects or volunteering to work on projects for non-profit organizations or local film groups. This will give you hands-on experience in the field and allow you to build a portfolio of your work.

  3. Build your skills. Familiarize yourself with industry-standard software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer. In addition, learn how to use software for visual effects and sound design.

  4. Network with professionals in the industry. Attend film festivals, workshops, and events where you can meet people working in post-production. This will give you the opportunity to make connections and learn about internship opportunities.

  5. Apply for internships. Many big studios have a dedicated page on their website for job and internship opportunities. You can also find internship opportunities through job boards, such as Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor.

  6. Prepare for the interview. Research the studio you are applying to and familiarize yourself with their work. Be prepared to discuss your experience, skills, and why you are interested in post-production.

  7. Impress the interviewer. Show enthusiasm for the industry, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn. Highlight your experience, skills, and education. Be professional and courteous during the interview.

It’s worth noting that the competition for post-production internships at big studios can be fierce. However, by following these steps and demonstrating your passion and commitment to the field, you can increase your chances of landing an internship and furthering your career in post-production.

Source: “Breaking into Post-Production: A Guide to Finding Your Footing in Film and Video Editing” by Larry Jordan.