How to find gigs as a jazz pianist

8878 how to find gigs as a jazz pianist

As a jazz pianist, finding gigs can be a challenging task. However, with the proper approach and persistence, you can increase your chances of securing performance opportunities.

  1. Networking: Building connections with other musicians, venue owners, and booking agents is essential in finding gigs as a jazz pianist. Attend local jazz events, join jazz organizations and participate in jam sessions. Consider collaborating with other musicians and promoting your music through social media platforms.

  2. Online Platforms: Utilize online platforms such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube to showcase your music and promote your gigs. You can also register on gig-finding websites such as GigSalad, Thumbtack, and GigMasters to connect with potential clients.

  3. Local Venues: Research local jazz clubs, restaurants, and other venues in your area and reach out to the owners and booking agents to inquire about performance opportunities. Offer to perform as a solo act or as part of a group and provide samples of your music.

  4. Festivals and Competitions: Participating in jazz festivals and competitions can provide excellent exposure and opportunities to perform in front of a larger audience. Research jazz festivals and competitions in your area and submit your application to participate.

  5. Private events: Offer your services for private events such as weddings, parties, and corporate events. You can advertise your services through word-of-mouth and social media platforms.

  6. Collaborate with other musicians: Consider collaborating with other musicians to create a jazz ensemble or band. You can then promote your ensemble and secure performance opportunities together.

  7. Build a strong online presence: Developing a strong online presence can increase your visibility and help you reach a larger audience. Create a professional website, update your social media profiles regularly, and engage with your followers.

  8. Hire an agent: Hiring an agent can help you find gigs more efficiently. An agent can handle bookings, negotiate contracts, and handle other administrative tasks.

In conclusion, finding gigs as a jazz pianist requires persistence, dedication, and a multi-faceted approach. Utilize networking, online platforms, local venues, festivals, private events, collaboration with other musicians, a strong online presence, and hiring an agent to increase your chances of securing performance opportunities.

Source: “The Jazz Musician’s Guide to Gigging” by Jazz At Lincoln Center