Is death metal music still ‘popular music’ or not?

4306 is death metal music still popular music or not

According to available data, death metal music is still considered popular music. The popularity of a music genre can be measured by various metrics such as sales, streams, and concert attendance. Death metal music continues to have a dedicated fan base and is enjoyed by listeners worldwide.

One of the indicators of popularity is album sales. Despite declining album sales in the music industry as a whole, death metal bands continue to release albums that sell well. For instance, “The Valley” by Whitechapel, a death metal band from the United States, debuted at number 31 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2019. Similarly, “Humanicide” by Death Angel, a thrash metal band that incorporates death metal elements, debuted at number 98 on the same chart in 2019.

Another way to measure popularity is through streaming data. Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music provide a platform for listeners to access music easily, and they also provide insights into what music people are listening to. According to Spotify’s internal data, death metal streams have increased significantly over the past decade, with millions of listeners tuning in to death metal playlists and albums. This suggests that the genre is still widely popular and that its listenership is growing.

Concert attendance is also a key indicator of popularity. Death metal bands regularly tour around the world, playing at festivals and headlining shows. Many of these concerts sell out, indicating that there is a significant demand for the music. For example, the 2019 Death on the Rock Cruise, which featured several prominent death metal bands, was sold out months in advance.

In conclusion, based on available data, death metal music is still popular music. It continues to sell albums, gain streams, and attract large crowds at concerts. The genre has a dedicated fan base and is enjoyed by listeners worldwide.