Tantric: An American Rock Band Biography

Tantric Biography

Tantric is an American rock band formed in 1998 that has achieved both commercial and critical success on the modern rock charts. The group was formed by Todd Whitener, Jesse Vest and Matt Taul after leaving Days of the New. Signed to Columbia Records and RCA Records, Tantric has sold over one million albums in the United States alone.

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What is Tantric Biography and Profile?

Tantric is an American rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. The group was formed in 1998 after being formed by Todd Whitener, Jesse Vest, and Matt Taul.

The band released their debut album, Tantric, on February 13, 2001, on Maverick Records. The album was successful after its release and peaked at number 71 on the Billboard 200. He also released two singles: “Breakdown” and “Void”. On December 9, 2003, the band’s second album, After We Go Maverick, was released. Their third album, Last Begins, was released on April 22, 2008. In 2009, Tantric released their fourth studio album, Mind Control. In 2013, Tantric released 37 Channels fifth studio album.

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It peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Album Charts. Blue Room Archive released its sixth studio album on September 30, 2014. In 2015, Tantric released two new songs on their seventh studio album, ReverbNation. The first song was called “I Can’t Feel” and the second song was called “Fool”. It was released on June 23, 2021 as a single from their eighth studio album, The Sum Of All Things, released by Cleopatra Records in 2021.

Tantric Discography

Tantric (2001)

Tantric (2001) is the debut album by American rock band Tantric. It was released on February 20, 2001 under TVT Records and debuted at number 85 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album has been certified Gold in Canada and Platinum in Australia.

After We Go (2004)

After We Go is Tantric’s second studio album. Released on February 24, 2004, it debuted at number 56 on the Billboard Album Charts.

The End Begins (2008)

The End Begins is the third studio album by American rock band Tantric. The End Begins was released on April 22, 2008 and debuted at number 91 on the Billboard 200. As of July 11, 2008, it has sold over 10,000 copies.

Mind Control (2009)

Mind Control is Tantric’s fourth album, released on August 4, 2009. It made its nationwide debut on August 4 with MTV2’s Unleashed.

37 Channels (2013)

Tantric’s fifth studio album, released on September 17, 2013, peaked at number 24 on the US Billboard Hard Rock Albums.

Blue Room Archives (2014)

Blue Room Archives is Tantric’s sixth studio album. The album was released on September 30, 2014.


Essential Tantric Songs


It is the lead single from Tantric and the lead single from their self-titled debut album. It is the group’s most successful song, reaching number one on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks and helping the album reach gold status in 2001.


It is a song written and recorded by Tantric. It was released on July 17, 2001, as the second single from their debut album Tantric and the successor to their number-one single “Breakdown”.US Billboard Heritage Rock ranked 30th and US Billboard Mainstream Rock ranked 7th.

“Hey Now”

It was released on December 9, 2003, as the lead single from their second studio album, After We Go, in 2004. It peaked at number 8 on the US Mainstream Rock Tracks Billboard.

“Down and Out”

It was released in 2008 as the lead single from The End Begins’ third studio album. It peaked at number 34 on the US Alternative Airplay Billboard, and at number 8 on the US Mainstream Rock Billboard.

“Mind Control”

It is Tantric’s fourth album, released in 2009. The album’s title track became the main single released to the radio in August. Two weeks later, it entered the Top 40 on the Mediabase Active Rock chart.

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What kind of music does Tantric play?

Tantric’s sound is a mix of alternative rock and electronic rock with an industrial hint.

Tantric is often classified as post-grunge and is known for its emphasis on acoustic guitar, distorted electric guitar, and multi-layered vocal harmonies. However, due to their weight, the band also got along well during the peak of alternative and nu metal in the early 2000s.



Who are the members of the band Tantric?

  • Hugo Ferreira – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1999–present), bass, keyboards (2013 session only)
  • Jaron Gulino – bass, backing vocals (2017–present)
  • Sebastian LaBar – lead guitar, rhythm guitars, backing vocals (2017–present)
  • Jon Loree – drums (2020–present)

How old is Hugo from tantric?

48 years /March 7, 1974

Who was the guitarist for tantric?

Joe Pessia

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