What are some of the best 90s indipop music videos?

8264 what are some of the best 90s indipop music videos

Indipop music was a significant part of Indian music culture in the 1990s. The genre combined Indian classical music with modern western instruments and sound, creating a unique and distinct sound. The 90s saw a significant rise in indipop music, and many music videos from this era became immensely popular. Here are some of the best 90s indipop music videos:

  1. Made in India by Alisha Chinai (1995) – The music video for this song is a perfect representation of the 90s indipop scene. With Alisha Chinai’s sultry vocals and catchy beats, the video features a young Milind Soman, one of India’s most popular models at the time.

  2. Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat Tumse by Aslam and Shibani Kashyap (1998) – This song was a massive hit in the 90s and is still popular among music lovers. The music video features Shibani Kashyap singing in a traditional setting, with Aslam playing the guitar and adding a western touch to the song.

  3. Deewana Tera by Sonu Nigam (1999) – This song is a classic example of how indipop music fused traditional Indian music with western instruments. The video features Sonu Nigam singing in various locations, including a beach and a park, and is notable for its use of vibrant colors and excellent cinematography.

  4. Tere Bin Nahin Lagda by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1996) – This song is one of the most famous and beloved songs of the 90s. The music video features the legendary singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan singing in a dimly lit room, with his voice and the music taking center stage.

  5. Jaadoo Ka Charagh by Lucky Ali (1996) – This song is another iconic 90s indipop hit that became popular for its soulful lyrics and catchy melody. The music video features Lucky Ali singing in a dreamy landscape, with bright colors and stunning visuals.