What are the best smooth jazz songs ever?

4171 what are the best smooth jazz songs ever

As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions or feelings. Therefore, I will provide a list of some of the most critically acclaimed and popular smooth jazz songs according to various reputable sources.

  1. “Songbird” by Kenny G – This hit song by Kenny G is considered one of the best smooth jazz songs ever produced. The track is characterized by its mellow, soothing melody and smooth saxophone playing.

  2. “Breezin'” by George Benson – The title track of George Benson’s 1976 album, “Breezin'” is a smooth jazz classic. The song features Benson’s signature guitar playing and a relaxed, easy-going rhythm.

  3. “Mornin'” by Al Jarreau – Al Jarreau’s smooth vocal style is perfectly showcased in “Mornin’.” The song, which was released in 1983, has a catchy, upbeat melody that is sure to get listeners tapping their toes.

  4. “West Coast Blues” by Wes Montgomery – Jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery was known for his smooth, soulful playing, and “West Coast Blues” is a perfect example of this. The song has a relaxed, laid-back vibe that makes it perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  5. “Feels So Good” by Chuck Mangione – Released in 1977, “Feels So Good” is a classic smooth jazz instrumental. The song features Mangione’s virtuosic flugelhorn playing and a catchy, upbeat melody.

  6. “Maputo” by David Sanborn – This 1986 hit song by David Sanborn features a funky, upbeat groove and Sanborn’s signature saxophone playing. The song is a perfect example of the fusion of jazz and R&B that characterizes much of the smooth jazz genre.

  7. “Rise” by Herb Alpert – Herb Alpert’s 1979 hit “Rise” is a classic smooth jazz instrumental that features a catchy, funky melody and Alpert’s distinctive trumpet playing.


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