What are the points against new generation films and filmmakers?

4233 what are the points against new generation films and filmmakers

The points against new generation films and filmmakers can be attributed to several factors. One of the primary criticisms is the lack of originality in their storytelling. Many new generation filmmakers tend to rely heavily on established formulas and clichés, resulting in a dearth of fresh ideas and innovative storytelling.

Additionally, the emphasis on technology and special effects in new generation films has resulted in a neglect of character development and meaningful storytelling. While impressive visuals and special effects can enhance a film’s impact, they should not be a substitute for good writing and storytelling.

Another criticism of new generation films is the trend towards political correctness and the prioritization of social messaging over storytelling. While it is important to address important social issues, such as gender and racial inequality, some new generation filmmakers are accused of prioritizing these messages over good storytelling, resulting in preachy and heavy-handed films.

Furthermore, the trend towards franchise building and sequels has also come under fire. Many new generation films are created with the intention of building a franchise or series, rather than telling a self-contained story. This has resulted in a focus on setting up future sequels rather than telling a satisfying and complete story in one film.

Moreover, the lack of diversity in terms of the types of stories being told and the voices behind them has also been criticized. While there has been progress in recent years towards greater representation and inclusivity, there is still a long way to go in terms of truly diverse and inclusive storytelling.

In conclusion, while there are certainly many talented and innovative new generation filmmakers, there are also valid criticisms to be made about the state of modern cinema. The lack of originality, over-reliance on technology, neglect of character development and meaningful storytelling, focus on social messaging over storytelling, and franchise-building tendencies are all factors that detract from the quality of modern films. By acknowledging these criticisms and striving for greater creativity, diversity, and storytelling excellence, new generation filmmakers can continue to push the boundaries of cinema and create meaningful and impactful films.

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