What do jazz professionals think of ‘Cheek to Cheek’ Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga’s album?

8913 what do jazz professionals think of cheek to cheek tony bennet and lady gagas album

Jazz professionals have varied opinions about the collaborative album, “Cheek to Cheek,” by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. Some critics praised the album for its musicality and tribute to classic jazz standards, while others found it to be a superficial attempt at jazz that lacked depth and authenticity.

One source of criticism was the choice of Lady Gaga as a collaborator. While she is a talented singer and performer, some jazz professionals felt that her pop background and persona detracted from the seriousness and authenticity of the jazz genre. As one jazz critic put it, “Jazz is not about gimmicks or costumes; it’s about the music and the feeling.”

Despite this, other jazz professionals praised the album for its musicality and skillful performances. Tony Bennett‘s veteran status as a jazz vocalist was a major factor in this, as many critics noted his timeless phrasing and smooth delivery. Some critics also noted that Lady Gaga demonstrated a surprising amount of skill and respect for the genre, particularly in her interpretations of classic standards like “Anything Goes” and “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love.”

Overall, opinions about “Cheek to Cheek” seem to be divided among jazz professionals. While some critics were put off by Lady Gaga’s presence and the album’s commercial appeal, others found the music to be a respectful and enjoyable tribute to the jazz standards of the past. Regardless of personal opinions, however, it is clear that the album sparked a conversation about the role of pop stars in the jazz genre and the importance of authenticity and musicality in jazz music.