What is Glam Rock? And 10 Glam Rockers

Glam Rock

Glam rock is a style of rock music developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s and performed by musicians wearing extreme costumes, makeup and hairstyles, especially platform shoes and glitter.

Who was the first glam band?

The March 1971 appearance of T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan on the BBC’s music show Top of the Pops, wearing glitter and satins, is often cited as the beginning of the movement.

10 Glam Rockers Who Shaped the Genre

T. Rex

Marc Bolan, who for all intents and purposes was T. Rex, more or less invented glam rock in 1971. Dialing back the freak-folk of his first band John’s Children and the original incarnation called Tyrannosaurus Rex, and adding some electrified Chuck Berry groove to his Tolkien tales, Marc rocked glitter and boas like few others.

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Appearing on “Top of the Pops,” a British music charts television show, to sing his hit “Hot Love,” Bolan created an instant sensation. His performance has been repeatedly referenced by several of the artists in this list as an inspiration for their style.

David Bowie

Like Bob Marley did with reggae, Bowie embodied the genre while simultaneously rising above it, creating his “Ziggy Stardust” persona after seeing his good friend Marc Bolan’s career take off with a similar concept. Bowie had been a hippie folkie of sorts, but Bolan’s template appealed to both his theatrical side and his love for simple, stripped-down rock and roll.


The genre did for Bowie what it couldn’t do for Bolan: it made him a star in the U.S. And while Bowie soon transmogrified into a blue-eyed soulster, a New Wave experiment, and even eventually an EDM artist, it’s his glam period people first think of when assessing his legacy.

Throughout his career, David Bowie produced over 27 studio albums including his last album “Black Star,” released two days before he died of lung cancer in January 2016.

New York Dolls

The New York Dolls were an American rock band formed in New York City in 1971. Along with The Velvet Underground and The Stooges, they were one of the first bands on the early punk rock scene. The lineup at this time consisted of vocalist David Johansen, guitarist Johnny Thunders, bassist Arthur Kane, guitarist and pianist Sylvain Sylvain, and drummer Jerry Nolan; The last two had replaced Rick Rivets and Billy Murcia, respectively, in 1972. On stage, they wore a androgynous wardrobe, high heels, eccentric hats, satin, makeup, tights, and dresses.


Slade is an English rock band formed in Wolverhampton in 1966. Prominent in the glam rock era of the early 1970s, it achieved 17 consecutive top 20 hits and six number-one hits on the UK Singles Chart. British Hit Singles & Albums names them the most successful British band of the 1970s based on their single sales.

Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter is a British former glam rock singer who achieved success in the 1970s and 1980s. After performing under the name Paul Raven in the 1960s, he changed his stage name to Gary Glitter during the early 1970s glam rock era, “Rock and Roll, Part 1”. and a sustained solo including 2″ hit the UK charts. “Would You Touch Me”, “I Love You I Love Me”, “I’m the Gang Leader (I Am)” and “Hello, Hello, I’m Back”. Known for her energetic live performances and extreme glam look of glittery suits, makeup, and platform boots. Sold over 20 million records.

The Sweet

They are an English glam rock band that emerged in the 1970s. Their best-known lineup consisted of lead vocalist Brian Connolly, bassist Steve Priest, guitarist Andy Scott, and drummer Mick Tucker. In 1971 and 1972, their musical style followed a marked progression from the Archies-like bubblegum style “Funny Funny” to a Who-influenced hard rock style supported by a striking use of high-pitched backing vocals.

Roxy Music

They are an English rock band formed in 1970 by Bryan Ferry, the band’s lead singer and main songwriter, and bass guitarist Graham Simpson.

While the group significantly influenced early British punk music, they pioneered the more sophisticated elements of glam rock. The group also reflected its distinctive brand of visual and musical sophistication by focusing on glamorous fashion.

Mott the Hoople

Mott the Hoople was an English rock band formed in Herefordshire, England. Originally known as the Doc Thomas Group, the band changed their name after signing with Island Records in 1969. On the verge of breaking up, the group was encouraged by David Bowie to stay together. Bowie wrote the glam rock song “All the Young Dudes” for them in 1972, which was a huge commercial success. Bowie later released an album of the same name for them and continued their success.

Suzi Quatro

He is an American singer, bass guitarist, songwriter and actor.Quatro released their self-titled debut album in 1973. He has since released fifteen studio albums, ten compilation albums and one live album. His other solo hits include “48 Crash”, “Daytona Demon”, “The Wild One” and “Your Mama Won’t Like Me”.

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Between 1973 and 1980, Quatro was awarded six Bravo Ottos. He was inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends online Hall of Fame in 2010. Reportedly sold over 50 million records worldwide.


Wizzard was an English rock band. They are best known for their 1973 Christmas single “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”, which has been played every Christmas season in the UK since its release.



Is Led Zeppelin glam rock?

Although Led Zeppelin was not one of the earliest or most prominent bands in this genre, they were certainly among its most successful. Their image helped define glam rock, but their music also incorporated elements of other genres such as blues, folk and progressive rock.

Is Bon Jovi glam rock?

Bon Jovi is a glam rock band that was formed in 1983.

Who is the king of glam rock?

The King of Glam Rock is a title that many artists have claimed over the years. But it can only be one man: David Bowie.

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