What is some good jazz with German lyrics?

9198 what is some good jazz with german lyrics

Jazz music with German lyrics is a unique and interesting fusion of two different styles. For those interested in exploring this genre, here are some good examples of jazz with German lyrics that are worth checking out.

  1. Rainer Tempel – “Songs ohne Worte” (Songs Without Words)
    This album features Rainer Tempel’s original compositions with German lyrics. It combines elements of jazz, classical music, and folk music to create a unique sound. The lyrics are poetic and expressive, complementing the music perfectly.

  2. Michael Schiefel – “I Feel Nothing But the Blues
    This album features Michael Schiefel’s interpretations of classic jazz standards, translated into German. Schiefel’s voice is smooth and expressive, and his translations capture the essence of the original lyrics while adding a new dimension to the songs.

  3. Hattler – “No Eats Yes”
    Hattler is a German jazz-funk band that incorporates elements of electronic music into their sound. “No Eats Yes” features instrumental tracks with a funky, upbeat groove, as well as tracks with German lyrics that are more introspective and poetic.

  4. Till Brönner – “Oceana”
    Till Brönner is a German jazz trumpeter who has collaborated with a variety of international musicians. “Oceana” is his most successful album to date, featuring a mix of original compositions and jazz standards, as well as a few tracks with German lyrics.

  5. Joachim Kühn – “Love & Peace”
    “Love & Peace” is a live album featuring Joachim Kühn on piano and vocals, with bassist Majid Bekkas and drummer Ramon Lopez. The album features a mix of jazz standards and original compositions, all with German lyrics. Kühn’s voice is smooth and expressive, and his piano playing is virtuosic.

These are just a few examples of good jazz music with German lyrics. If you’re interested in exploring this genre further, there are many other artists and albums to discover. Some other notable musicians in this field include Max Raabe, Annett Louisan, and Klaus Doldinger. As with any music, personal taste will play a large role in determining what you enjoy, so don’t be afraid to explore and find your own favorites.