What’s the term for electronic metal music?

3735 whats the term for electronic metal music

The term for electronic metal music is “Electronicore.” This subgenre of metal music fuses elements of electronic music, such as synthesizers and drum machines, with traditional heavy metal instrumentation, such as electric guitars and aggressive vocals. The use of electronic elements in metal music has been around since the 1980s, but electronicore specifically emerged in the 2000s and has since become a popular style within the metal community.

The sound of electronicore is characterized by the use of electronic beats and synths to create a driving, danceable rhythm. The electronic elements are often combined with heavy, down-tuned guitar riffs and aggressive, screamed vocals. The use of electronics also allows for the incorporation of a wide range of sounds and textures, from atmospheric pads to glitchy, stuttered beats.

Some of the most well-known bands in the electronicore genre include Attack Attack!, I See Stars, and Breathe Carolina. These bands have developed a strong following due to their energetic live shows and their ability to fuse metal aggression with pop-inspired hooks and electronic beats.

While electronicore has been met with some criticism from purists who believe that metal should be stripped of all electronic elements, the genre continues to evolve and gain popularity. The use of electronics in metal allows for a wider range of creative possibilities, and many musicians in the genre see it as a way to push the boundaries of what metal can be.

In conclusion, electronicore is a term used to describe a subgenre of metal music that combines elements of electronic music with traditional heavy metal instrumentation. This style is characterized by the use of electronic beats and synths, aggressive vocals, and heavy guitar riffs. Electronicore continues to evolve and gain popularity, despite criticism from some traditional metal fans.

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