Which K-pop music video has the ‘WLW’ concept?

4173 which k pop music video has the wlw concept

The K-pop music video that has the ‘WLW’ concept is “Eclipse” by Kim Lip, a member of the girl group LOONA. WLW stands for “women loving women” and refers to content that depicts romantic and/or sexual relationships between women. “Eclipse” was released on May 23, 2017, and features Kim Lip in various settings, including a mysterious forest and a futuristic cityscape.

The music video for “Eclipse” has been noted for its subtle but clear WLW themes, particularly in the interactions between Kim Lip and another female character played by model Jung Jinsol. Throughout the video, the two women are shown gazing at each other intensely, touching hands, and dancing together in a way that many viewers interpreted as romantic or sexual in nature. However, the video never explicitly confirms or denies the nature of their relationship, leaving it up to interpretation.

The WLW concept has become increasingly popular in K-pop music videos and other media, as many fans and creators seek to represent and celebrate diverse sexual and romantic orientations. While homosexuality is still somewhat stigmatized in Korean culture, K-pop artists and fans have been at the forefront of efforts to push for greater acceptance and visibility for LGBTQ+ people.


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