Who is the best Hindi rapper from Deshi hiphop?

3643 who is the best hindi rapper from deshi hiphop

The best Hindi rapper from Desi hip hop is a subjective matter and varies based on personal preferences and musical taste. However, one rapper who has garnered significant recognition and acclaim within the Desi hip hop community is Divine.

Divine, born Vivian Fernandes, is an Indian rapper and songwriter who rose to fame with his single “Yeh Mera Bombay.” He is considered to be one of the pioneers of the Indian hip hop scene and has been instrumental in bringing the genre to mainstream attention in India. Divine has a distinctive style that blends traditional Indian musical elements with contemporary hip hop production.

Divine has released several popular albums, including “Kohinoor” and “Jungli Sher,” both of which received critical acclaim. In addition to his solo work, Divine has also collaborated with several other artists in the Indian hip hop community, including Naezy and MC Stan.

Divine’s music often tackles social and political issues, and his lyrics are known for their conscious and thought-provoking content. He has received praise for his ability to address complex societal issues through his music while still maintaining a strong sense of cultural identity.

In addition to his musical achievements, Divine is also an activist and philanthropist. He has been involved in several social initiatives, including the promotion of education and support for underprivileged communities.

In conclusion, Divine is widely considered to be one of the best Hindi rappers from Desi hip hop and has made significant contributions to the growth and recognition of the genre in India. His music, activism, and philanthropy have established him as a respected and influential figure in the Desi hip hop community.


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