Who picks the songs for the soundtrack of a movie/videogame/TV show?

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The selection of songs for a movie, videogame, or TV show can involve various individuals, including the music supervisor, the director, the producer, and even the studio or network executives. Music supervisors are typically responsible for overseeing the selection and licensing of songs for use in a production, and they often work closely with the director and producer to ensure that the music fits the tone, theme, and style of the project.

Music supervisors are typically hired by the production company or studio, and they may be independent contractors or employees. They are responsible for identifying songs that could work well in the project and negotiating the licensing and rights to use those songs. They also often work with composers to develop original music for the production, as well as with other music professionals, such as music editors, who help to place the songs in the final cut of the film or TV show.

The director and producer of a project also play a significant role in selecting the songs for the soundtrack. They may have a specific vision for the music in the project and may work closely with the music supervisor to ensure that the songs chosen fit that vision. They may also have relationships with specific artists or record labels and may request songs from those sources.

The studio or network executives may also have input into the selection of songs for a project, particularly if they are concerned about the licensing fees or the potential for the music to resonate with the intended audience. They may have their own ideas about what types of songs would work well in a particular project, or they may rely on the expertise of the music supervisor to make those decisions.

Ultimately, the selection of songs for a movie, videogame, or TV show is a collaborative process that involves many different individuals with different areas of expertise. The music supervisor is often the key player in this process, but the director, producer, and studio or network executives also play important roles in ensuring that the music fits the vision and tone of the project. Sources: