Why can’t people accept that a lot of modern pop music is objectively terrible?

4099 why cant people accept that a lot of modern pop music is objectively terrible

It is not accurate to state that modern pop music is objectively terrible as musical taste is subjective, and what one person may consider bad, another may enjoy. In addition, pop music is created for mass consumption and appeal, and it is common for popular music to adhere to certain formulas or conventions to achieve commercial success. However, it is essential to consider that there is a wide variety of pop music, and not all of it follows the same conventions or caters to the same audience.

It is possible to argue that some modern pop music may lack originality or depth, and many songs may follow similar melodic or lyrical patterns. It is crucial to note that pop music is designed to be catchy and accessible, and it is often composed with the goal of being easily memorable, so it is not unusual for some songs to sound alike. Furthermore, it is essential to recognize that music evolves over time, and what may sound innovative or groundbreaking to one generation may not be as well-received by another.

When discussing music, it is also important to consider cultural and societal factors that influence musical trends and preferences. For example, changes in technology and the rise of social media have transformed the way music is consumed and produced, leading to new sounds and styles. In addition, musical taste is often shaped by personal experiences, social status, and cultural background, which can lead to varying opinions on the quality of a particular genre or artist.

Ultimately, it is important to approach music criticism with an open mind and a willingness to understand the context and intent behind the music. While some may argue that certain aspects of modern pop music are flawed, it is essential to recognize that music is an art form that can evoke different emotions and meanings for each listener. As such, it is vital to respect different tastes and opinions and to appreciate the diversity and creativity that exists in the world of pop music.


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