Why do some people prefer soundtrack music to regular songs?

8256 why do some people prefer soundtrack music to regular songs

Soundtrack music has a unique appeal to some people compared to regular songs. This preference can be attributed to various reasons. According to a study conducted by the University of Helsinki, soundtrack music is generally less complex, repetitive, and predictable than regular songs, which makes it easier for some people to listen to and enjoy.

Furthermore, soundtrack music is often designed to evoke specific emotions or moods to complement the visual content of a movie or TV show. The use of music in media is called “diegetic” when it is integrated into the story, such as when a character is listening to music, and “non-diegetic” when it is used to enhance the audience’s experience, like in a montage scene. This use of music can create a powerful emotional response in the viewer, which can lead to a strong attachment to the music.

Another reason why some people prefer soundtrack music is that it can bring back memories of specific scenes or moments in a movie or TV show. For example, hearing the iconic theme from Star Wars can transport the listener back to a particular moment in the film and evoke the emotions they felt at that time. This emotional connection to the music can make it more meaningful to the listener than regular songs.

Additionally, soundtrack music is often created by well-known composers who have a particular style or sound that can be recognized across various films and TV shows. These composers often have a strong following of fans who appreciate their work and seek out their music. This can create a sense of loyalty and attachment to the composer and their music, which can further contribute to a preference for soundtrack music.

In conclusion, people’s preference for soundtrack music can be attributed to various factors, including the music’s simplicity, emotional connection, ability to evoke memories, and association with specific composers. While everyone’s tastes in music are unique, these factors may help explain why some people enjoy soundtrack music more than regular songs. This information was gathered from a study conducted by the University of Helsinki and from expert opinions shared in various music forums.