Why do some people really dislike Bruce Falconer’s soundtrack to Dragon Ball Z?

3739 why do some people really dislike bruce falconers soundtrack to dragon ball z

Bruce Falconer’s soundtrack for the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z has been a subject of criticism among certain fans. This has led to the question of why some individuals have an aversion to Falconer’s music.

One possible explanation is that the soundtrack deviates from the traditional Japanese score that is associated with the original anime. Bruce Falconer’s score features heavy use of Western instruments and sounds, which some fans believe detracts from the overall aesthetic of the show. They argue that the music does not accurately reflect the cultural origins of the series and fails to capture its spirit.

Additionally, some fans have criticized the quality and consistency of the soundtrack. They argue that the music is often too repetitive and lacks the emotional depth and nuance that is commonly found in other anime scores. Some fans also claim that the soundtrack is poorly synchronized with the action on screen, leading to a disconnect between the music and the visuals.

Another factor that may contribute to the dislike of Falconer’s soundtrack is the fact that it was produced for the English dub of Dragon Ball Z, which has its own dedicated fanbase. Fans of the English dub have been known to be particularly protective of the version of the show that they grew up with, and they may view any changes to the soundtrack as a threat to their enjoyment of the series.

Furthermore, some fans have argued that the original Japanese score, composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi, is superior to Falconer’s music. They claim that Kikuchi’s score is more fitting for the series, and that it has a greater emotional impact on the viewer. Fans of the original score believe that Falconer’s music does not live up to the high standards set by Kikuchi’s work, and that it fails to capture the essence of the series.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why some individuals dislike Bruce Falconer’s soundtrack to Dragon Ball Z. These include its deviation from the traditional Japanese score, its perceived lack of quality and consistency, its association with the English dub of the series, and the perceived superiority of the original Japanese score.

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