Why is 90% of pop music about dating/sex?

8116 why is 90 of pop music about datingsex

Pop music has been a dominant genre in the music industry for many decades, appealing to a wide range of listeners and encompassing various styles and themes. One of the recurrent themes in pop music is love and relationships, which often encompasses dating and sex. This theme has been prevalent in popular culture since the inception of pop music and continues to be a popular subject matter in contemporary pop music.

The prevalence of dating and sex in pop music can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, love and relationships are universal experiences that many people can relate to, making them popular subjects in pop music. Secondly, music is a powerful tool for expressing emotions and experiences, and for many people, love and relationships are a significant part of their lives. Hence, pop musicians often use these experiences as inspiration for their music.

Additionally, love and relationships are often portrayed in media and popular culture as the ultimate goal or marker of success, and pop music reflects this societal norm. Many pop songs depict romantic love as the solution to all life’s problems and the key to happiness, which further perpetuates the theme of dating and sex in pop music.

Moreover, the music industry is a commercial enterprise, and the success of a pop song is often measured by its commercial appeal and radio airplay. Pop songs about love and relationships have proven to be commercially successful, which has led many pop musicians and music executives to continue producing music with this theme.

In conclusion, the prevalence of dating and sex in pop music can be attributed to several factors, including the universal experiences of love and relationships, the emotional significance of these experiences, the portrayal of love and relationships in popular culture, and the commercial success of pop songs with this theme. Pop music will likely continue to feature dating and sex as a dominant theme due to its continued popularity among listeners and its commercial viability.