Why is the Hamilton soundtrack so damn good?

3637 why is the hamilton soundtrack so damn good

The “Hamilton” soundtrack is widely regarded as exceptional for several reasons, which can be attributed to its musical style, lyrical content, and historical significance.

First, the musical style of “Hamilton” blends traditional show tunes with contemporary music genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and pop. This musical fusion creates a unique sound that appeals to a wide range of audiences and provides an energetic and engaging listening experience. The musical’s composer and lyricist, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has noted that his goal was to “write the story of America then, told by America now,” and the soundtrack’s eclectic musical style is a reflection of that objective.

Second, the lyrical content of “Hamilton” is highly praised for its intricate wordplay and historical accuracy. The songs in the musical are primarily written in the form of rap and hip-hop, allowing the story to be told in a dynamic and engaging manner. The lyrics also carefully weave together the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life with broader themes of politics, power, and legacy, making the soundtrack a captivating listen for both fans of history and music.

Third, the historical significance of “Hamilton” cannot be overlooked. The musical offers a fresh and inclusive perspective on American history, highlighting the contributions of immigrants and people of color to the founding of the United States. By casting non-white actors to play the founding fathers, “Hamilton” challenges traditional historical narratives and provides a more accurate representation of the diverse groups of people who shaped America’s past.

In conclusion, the “Hamilton” soundtrack is considered exceptional for its musical style, lyrical content, and historical significance. The musical’s fusion of traditional show tunes with contemporary music genres, intricate wordplay, and inclusive perspective on American history have made it a cultural phenomenon and beloved by audiences around the world.

Source: “Hamilton: The Revolution” by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter.

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